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  Dirt Devil® Central Vacuum Systems feature Cyclonic Filtration Technology (CFT), a unique filtration method that ensures maximum vacuum power for your homeowners. CFT is a dual filtration process that utilizes cyclonic separation for primary filtration and a pleated filter for secondary filtration. Unlike central vacuum systems that rely on permanent cloth filters or paper bags, the powerful performance of the Dirt Devil® system will not decrease as dirt accumulates. CFT gives homeowners what they want – maximum vacuum power all of the time.

100% of the vacuumed dirt is contained in the vacuum system. Dirt and debris are swept into the system at a high rate of speed, and immediately begins to spin along the inner wall of the canister. As the dirt-laden air spins past the cyclonic separator it picks up speed forcing the dirt, dust, allergens and pet dander into the dirt canister. Only 2-4% of the fine dust particles remain in the air stream and are trapped in the secondary filter. Finally, the clean exhaust air exits the unit without recirculation of dust or vacuum odors..

The Afuera power unit is located away from living areas so that noise levels are significantly reduced. Afuera also has an innovative, sound absorbing design that reduces the noise level of the vacuum. Afuera produces only half the noise level of other central vacuum systems.

The Power Sweep® Electric Power Head is an economical alternative for customers who want an electric power head. It has a 12" power head for easy maneuvering. Look at the features listed below.

  • High impact bumper
  • Full head lamp
  • Easy glide wheels
  • Double-edge cleaning

We install two  SmartVac® Pans with each of our systems.  Normally installed under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, just sweep debris to the pan, turn the system on with a toe, and it vacuums everything out of the room into the canister down in the garage.

When the system is completely installed you simply plug your lightweight hose in this Central Vacuum Wall Port. A low voltage connection is made which turns on your big unit down in the garage. Now you’re taking advantage of quiet and sanitary vacuuming.

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