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 Afuera™ Central Vacuum Unit
(8,000 sq. ft. capacity) This Elite Afuera Central Vacuum System can make cleaning your entire home easier and less time consuming while making it a healthier place to live. The Afuera power unit is installed in the garage so you don’t have to carry the motor, filtration system or dust collection cup. Instead, you will have a lightweight hose to easily maneuver through the house. The powerful electric brush goes from carpet to hard floors with no adjustments and features an ergonomic handle, telescoping wand height and full swivel hose. Versatile attachments make cleaning upholstery, drapery and even delicate fabrics practically effortless.

Clinical research has shown that the use of a central vacuum system can relieve major allergy symptoms. The Afuera system is the only central vacuum system with true HEPA filtration that reduces 100% of contacted dust and allergens from the air. Afuera’s non-stick CleanStream™ HEPA Filtration System, from the makers of GORE-TEX® fabric, sheds off dust to improve airflow. Simply tap or rinse the filter with water once every three years to keep it working like new. In addition, with the power unit and dust collection cup located outside of your home, the dirt is completely removed from the living area.

The Afuera power unit is located away from living areas so that noise levels are significantly reduced. Afuera also has an innovative, sound absorbing design that reduces the noise level of the vacuum. Afuera produces only half the noise level of other central vacuum systems.

The Afuera electric power head is extremely quiet with cogged-belt direct drive that automatically adjusts to clean bare floors and any carpet or rug within your home. Afuera is designed with a scratch and rust resistant Valox® body that is virtually indestructible. In addition, the 520 air watts motor is up to  five times more powerful than conventional vacuums so cleaning your home requires less time.

We install two  SmartVac® Pans with each of our systems.  Normally installed under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, just sweep debris to the pan, turn the system on with a toe, and it vacuums everything out of the room into the canister down in the garage.

When the system is completely installed you simply plug your lightweight hose in this Central Vacuum Wall Port. A low voltage connection is made which turns on your big unit down in the garage. Now you’re taking advantage of quiet and sanitary vacuuming.


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