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 American Industries Corp.  is an Authorized Dealer for Centralite™ Lighting Systems. They manufacture one of the premier Architectural Lighting Systems available.  In addition to the following list of features, this system actually saves on energy cost.  It does this by automatically turning off lights and turning lights on at  preset dimmed levels of your choosing. Example: A dimmed level of 90% is virtually indistinguishable from full on, yet saves 10% energy.  If set at a comfortable 80% illumination, energy savings is 17%.  Lights set at 50% illumination save 50% energy. Now multiply this energy savings by your entire house.

 Whole Home Integration
CentraLite Elegance™ is flexible and ready for integration into whole home control systems.  The system may be controlled by a serial connection (RS-232) with its quick, easy and powerful protocol or by simple dry-contact closure.  Communicating with touch screens, security systems, home automation controllers, and personal computers is simple and reliable with CentraLite Elegance™

 Scene Lighting
CentraLite gives you the luxurious feature of whole-home scene lighting. With the touch of a button, you can alter the mood of a room or your whole home.  For example, pressing the "MOVIE" button lowers the kitchen lights to a dim glow, the great room recessed cans dim down, and the wall sconces turn on for accent lighting.  With the touch of one button, you've created the perfect ambiance with which to view a movie.

 Real Time Clock
Automate lighting events easily and inexpensively.  A real-time clock option is now available from CentraLite for all Elegance™ Systems.  Elegance™ creates an astronomical clock, which calculates sunrise and sunset each day so that dusk and dawn events may be implemented. The clock also automatically keeps track of leap years and daylight savings time.

Perpetual real-time clock
Dusk event and dawn event
Automatically compensates for leap years and daylight savings time
8 total timed events including dusk and dawn
Controls lighting scenes or lighting loads

 Pathway Lighting
Illuminate pathways through your home with the press of a button.

 Vacation Mode
When you invoke vacation mode, CentraLite randomly turns on designated lights to simulate normal home activity.  Rather than just using timed light, CentraLite recreates the effect of occupancy.

 Soft On/Off
This rate-adjustable feature brings your lights up and down slowly and softly, giving your eyes time to adjust when the lights are switched. "SOFT ON" reduces eyestrain when entering a dark room.  SOFT OFF slowly fades the lights, giving you time to cross the room or slip into bed.

Every light switch can dim incandescent, halogen, and magnetic low-voltage lights.  It's as simple as pressing and holding the button until the lighting is just right.

 Key Chain Remote Control
A key-chain remote lets you take the power of whole-home lighting control into the palm of your hand.  You'll never have to come home to a dark house or run through the home turning off lights when you're in a rush.  With the touch of a button, you can turn all the lights off or just leave a few on.

 Whole-Home Monitoring
CentraLite eliminates the nightly ritual of walking through the house looking for lights that have been left on.  You can easily see the status of the entire house from the master control panel and turn any of your lights on or off from there.

 All On/Off
CentraLite central home lighting control puts the lights in your home at your command. When you're ready to turn in for the night, you need only press one button from your bedside to turn off all of your home's lighting.

 Increased Security
If you hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, you can instantly turn on every light, completely illuminating your home by pressing the "ALL ON" button located next to your bed.

 Space Saving Switches
CentraLite wall switches are available in several space saving packages. Up to four switches may be incorporated within a single-gang faceplate, eliminating unattractive banks of wall switches.

 Flash Feature
CentraLite can also be integrated with your home security or smoke detection system. Now, you can have a visual alarm as well as an audible one.  When the alarm is tripped, CentraLite can light a path out of the house, strobe all the lights in the house, or flash outdoor lights to let neighbors and the police know something is wrong.

This system can be a stand-alone system or it can be integrated with the HAI™ Omni Facilities Management and the Grafiktouch™ touch screen controls systems.  These three technologies together offer the finest package available today.  These systems combined provide complete architectural lighting control, security, HVAC and lighting control.
There are several standard lighting scenes we provide with each system. They are:

  • Good Morning
  • Away
  • Coming Home
  • Dining
  • Entertainment
  • Romance
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Energy Savings
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Good Night
  • Vacation
  • Looks Lived In

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Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

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