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 Integrated Facilities Management System 

We are authorized dealers for  which is the manufacturer of our Integrated Facilities Management System.  It is the most popular and reliable system with multiple thousands installed worldwide.  That is more than any other system.  The customer can use his or her own computer, and we use standard industry hardware, which allows for a lower price.  Depending on the configuration you choose for your home, you could communicate and control remotely via telephone and/or computer. 


What exactly will this system do for you in your home?  The short answer is that you will have several layers of electronic control of your security system, architectural lighting, heating and air conditioning, and even remote video monitoring and recording if you choose.  The system is designed for simplicity for family members.  Most of the automated control occurs just by the simple act of arming, disarming, by selecting the Away, Night, or Off mode on your security system.  More on the various modes later, let’s look at the electronic modes of control at your disposal.

This colorful touchscreen interface for Omni-family controllers facilitates graphical control of security; HVAC, lighting and other home control functions via easy-to-recognize icons.  The unit features a 3.9-inch color; touch sensitive LCD screen with backlighting that adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions and turns off when not in use.  The two-color LED offers status at a glance, and there are selectable key click and beeper functions. The touchscreen unit mounts flush with the wall, and is supplied with a white, beige, and almond faceplate that is a slim 3/8-inch for an elegant built-in look.


Shown here are the Omni™ series of controllers.  These are wall mounted and placed strategically around the home to provide control of the security modes as well as lighting and HVAC control.  You can also easily execute macros from any one of these security keypad controllers.  The system communicates with you in English via backlit LCDs.

Each controller features a 48 character back lighted LCD display with menu operation, back lighted keys, selectable key click, beeper functions and viewing angle.  A two-color LED offers status at a glance: red for security armed, green when disarmed.  All control functions can be accomplished using a console.

Another full-function control device is any telephone in your home.  You can easily control security, HVAC, lighting, and macros.  A macro means you stroke a key on any phone and set off as many as thirty different programmed actions.  The system will respond in a female voice.  Of course, with the proper four-digit code, you would have full control of your system from any phone in the world.  One of the more popular control functions is to call ahead and have your Hot Tub sizzling hot by the time you get home.

You may choose to have Touch Screen control over your system.  Now you can expand your control to include zone tracking of security cameras, audio/video, Home Theater, as well as security-fire, HVAC and lighting.  We have a complete section in this website dedicated to explaining these features.

Automation makes it possible to integrate various technologies into one cohesive system.  It manages the systems in your home to provide you and your family with the ultimate in luxury, convenience, safety, security, energy savings, and peace of mind.  It would be difficult, in this forum, to adequately explain everything we have built-in to the system, however the following is a simple laundry list of the features and benefits you will have at your disposal.

The simple act by you the homeowner, of disarming your security system will activate this mode. The morning mode is designed to take place at the same time each morning automatically or when you activate it. Is that the fresh aroma of freshly brewed coffee you smell?  The Master Bedroom lights will brighten from an "OFF State" to a dimmed level allowing for a slow comfortable awakening or a trip to the bathroom.  Other chores that will be handled automatically are: outdoors landscape lighting turned off, thermostats adjusted for morning comfort, and children awakened with lights and music.  The Good Morning Mode begins the day by turning ON your favorite music in the Master Bedroom.  This music is provided by the Whole-House Stereo System through the ceiling mounted speakers at a predetermined volume level, if you have that technology incorporated in your system.

The last person out of the house in the morning can activate this  mode by pressing the Away button on the wall-mounted controller, the touch screen controller, or any telephone.  You have now armed the security system.  Once activated the garage door will open allowing you several minutes to leave and then it will close as you drive away.  The hot water heater is turned off and the heating/cooling temperature is adjusted by several degrees to save energy.  The computer will then go through the house turning off all lights, appliances, hair-rollers, etc., that family members may have left on.  If there is some event that you would like to take place hours later, it can easily be programmed in.  An example might be that you want the hot tub to turn on and heat up prior to your arrival at a specific time each day.

When you drive up to your home, just one click on the remote control kept in your glove compartment, will cause the computer to accomplish a number of very important tasks to make your arrival safer.  Obviously your garage door will open for you, but it will close as well, automatically after five minutes.  The light in the garage will illuminate as well as the lights leading into your house.  In addition, lights in your home will be illuminated, so you don't have to enter a dark home.  Your hot tub will start its heating cycle.  The computer has automatically brought the temperature to a comfortable level 30 minutes prior to your arrival.

By pushing the Night button on the wall-mounted controller, the touch screen controller, or any telephone, the Good Night Mode creates a lighted path from the living areas through the hallway and to the bedrooms and bathrooms to allow the family the appropriate lighting to get ready for bed.  All other unused lighting and appliances are turned OFF and the security is activated for the evening.  Receptacles used to power toasters, coffeepots, garage door opener and other devices are also turned off for security and fire safety purposes.  The heating/cooling temperature is adjusted for the evening.  In addition, the draperies are closed to predetermined positions, which in this case is fully closed.  Now your Master Bedroom overhead light turns off.  Good Night!

This mode normally functions as a timed event, however you could execute it by phone from work.   As a timed event, it will automatically take place one hour after your children arrive home from school.  The computer will turn off lights, radios, hair curlers, TVs, etc in their rooms that they may have left on when they go out to play.  This mode exists for safety and energy savings.

This mode enhances fire safety and definitely saves lots of   energy.  Pressing the Vacation button on the wall-mounted controller, the touch screen controller, or any telephone can activate the mode.  Essentially, this mode shuts down your home while you are away for any length of time.  When activated your garage door will open allowing you to get in your car and drive away.  The computer will then close the garage door, turn off your hot water heater, and go throughout the home tuning off appliances and lighting.  For the time being all draperies will be closed.  Your HVAC will be automatically adjusted to temperature set points for maximum energy savings.  In addition, the computer will activate a program, which runs 24-hours per day making your home "Looked Lived In".

One of the most important things you should realize about combining automation capability with your security system is that we can program it to be pro-active when burglars come around.  Example:  When someone walks up to your home they are sensed by motion detectors before that get with ten feet of the structure.  That motion detector sets off a program response including radios being turned on, electronic dogs barking, and voice modules being activated.  Why?  Within in a few moments the intruder is convinced “someone is home at this address…I’d better go down the street and burglarize someone else”.

One of the primary examples of this capability is the ability of the automation to use the vary act of opening windows (that are supposed to be closed) to turn off heating and air-conditioning to save on energy cost.  Another similar feature that pertains more to safety is the ability of the system to shut down the HVAC system in the event of a fire.  This would aid in cutting off the supply of air that feeds the fire or smoldering condition.

With this system you will be have automated control of security & fire, up to 64 digital temperature sensors, and up to 128 lights and or outlets (anything electric).  You will be able to have numerous lighting scenes (macros), which provide the lighting scenarios needed.

Leave your contact information with us and one of our System Design Consultants will   provide you with a “hands-on demonstration” of these technologies at your home.

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