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 Home Theater 

Surround Sound Options

American Industries has several options to make your Home Theater dreams come true. We can do everything from surround sound speaker wiring to installing several complete system options as well. There are no two Home Theater installations that are identical. Some homeowners are quite satisfied with a surround sound setup utilizing hidden in-wall speakers. Some people want a complete theater built in their home, which mimics the audio and sound found in their local movie houses.

So the equipment and installation will vary depending on the degree of technical capability one requires in their
Home Theater system. All we want to do here is to show you some options for Home Theater, speakers, speaker cable, and equipment racking.

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Click Here for information on quality Surround Sound Speakers.

Rack Em!
One of the problems with audio/Video equipment is the access to that equipment. Here are two options that deal with the issue in a professional manner.
In-Wall Slide and Rotate Rack

Build in-wall A/V systems without equipment access headaches. These Avrakô by EAS shelving units slide out and rotate to give you full access to the rear of your equipment for setup and maintenance. Supports 210-280 lbs. of equipment weight. Minimum rough opening: 20W x 19.5D. Maximum component clearance: 18.5W

In-Wall Slide Out Rack

In-wall equipment racks look great but getting to the back of your equipment for service can be a real problem. These slide out racks are the perfect solution to accessibility for in-wall installations. Simply put the service track and stand in place and the entire rack can be slid out of the wall enclosure. These racks are available in any height between 15 and 43 rack spaces (26.25 - 75.25). Each rack is made to order. Allow approx. 5 days for manufacture and an additional week for shipping.

Minimum opening required to install this system is 19.25" wide, 22.5" deep, and 4.5625" long plus the number of rack spaces for the height.


Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

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