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  • Standard status quo burglar alarms just don’t cut it anymore
  • We all need a system to dissuade burglars
  • Avoid expensive monthly fees

The security system that is incorporated in the  Integrated Facilities Management System (IFMS) has more layers of security than any other system you have experienced in years past.

The system comes with 16 security zones (expandable to 99 in 16 zone increments). Some of these zones will surely be used as triggers for automation.  Example: When you enter or exit the door from your garage, a security sensor will be tripped that commands the IFMS to turn on your entry light, turn on the kitchen light, start the Hot Tub heating etc.

We like to utilize three or four of these security zones for motion detectors on the exterior of your home.  In this way we set in motion the  first  very important proactive layer of security.  Before an Intruder comes within ten feet of your home the motion detectors sense him/her, alerting the IFMS to run a program, which turns on certain lights, radios, electronic barking dogs etc.  This action will convince the Intruder “that someone is at home in the residence…he had better go down the street and burglarize someone else."

The  second layer  of security involves, with at least one surveillance camera, the systems ability to automatically record streaming video of that person for 1 or 2 minutes no matter who it is.  It will record a burglar, the UPS deliveryman, the maid, the postman etc.  The video is stored as data on the hard drive of your personal computer for you to review later as you feel the need.  There need not be a burglary in progress for you to utilize the remote video monitoring capability of your system.  You can look into your home from any computer in the world at anytime, for any reason.

Want To See a Demonstration?  Click Here.

Should the person turn out to be a burglar and actually break into your home, what difference does it make which door or window he/she comes through?  When that person is actually walking through your home, he will be picked up by any one of three to five motion detectors.  When the motion is sensed the alarm will activate by flashing lights and loud sirens.  In addition, it will call you on a beeper, cell phone, at work, or call a neighbor or a friend.  The system will contact up to eight numbers, thus the  third layer of security. You can sign up, or not sign up for outside monitoring service.  Monitoring service is not a requirement for this to be a very effective deterrent security system.

Anytime you receive an alarm notice, within minutes you can look into your home via security cameras from any computer in the world.  If it turns out that there is a burglar in your home, you can call the police directly and report the crime.  The police are much more likely to place your security breach high on their priority list, if the alarm has been verified personally by you or your relative.

The  fourth layer  of security is a well designed program whereby your home is made to appear occupied anytime you or your family is not at home.  Anytime the AWAY or the VACATION modes are activated on your security system, the IFMS runs a 24-hour program making your home realistically “Look Lived In."  Lights randomly go ON and OFF from room to room and a radio comes on randomly as well.  This feature turns out to be one of the most important proactive benefits of the system.

The  fifth layer  of security pertains more to protecting your property from things like: The temperature is rising to an unacceptable level in the wine cellar and if action is not taken all will be spoiled.  You have a gun case with a lock on it, but a child breaks into it to handle your firearms.  The security sensor on that gun case will be violated and the system will warn you immediately.  How about a water level sensor in your basement or any other application you can think of along these lines.

These are just a few of the high-end security benefits of our system.  Let us make a believer out of you by providing a live demonstration in your home or business.

Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

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