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  What is UPB  

American Industries Corp.  is an Authorized Dealer for  Universal Power Bus™  Lighting Control Systems.  They manufacture one of the  premier Architectural Lighting Systems available.  In addition to the following list of features, this system actually saves on energy cost.  It does this by automatically turning off lights and turning lights on at  preset dimmed levels of your choosing. Example: A dimmed level of 90% is virtually indistinguishable from full on, yet saves 10% energy.  If set at 80% illumination, energy savings is 20%.  Lights set at 50% illumination save 50% energy. Now multiply this energy savings by your entire house.

Your choice of colors.

 Universal Power Bus is an
 economical Architectural
 Lighting Control system that
 controls lighting in a home or
 business. Unlike “hardwired”
 systems that require physical
 wires from each light switch to  a master control computer,
 UPB sends out command  data over the entire electrical grid of the home.  When data is transmitted out to control a light or  series of lights, it is coded in a way that only the selected lights will respond and turn on, turn off, dim, brighten, ramp-up, and fade-off.

Once the system is in place you will determine the properties of each light load.

Enjoy a softer light level by choosing between 1 and 100% illumination.

 Ramp-Up Rate:
Instead of lights snapping on to choose the rate at which they turn on from 0 to whatever level you want for each light load.

 Fade-Down Rate:
When you turn lights off, they will fade off at whatever level you choose for each light load. We program each button to toggle your choice of lighting scenes On & Off.

  Lighting Scenes
You can have as many lighting scenes as you want. If you can think of a lighting scene, we can program it for you once the system is in place. Lighting scenes allow you to push one button and control any or all the lights in your system. In a lighting scene some lights can be made to turn on and some lights can be made to turn off. Lighting scenes allow you to choose the illumination level, ramp-up, and fade-down properties of each light load separate from the individual properties of the light loads.

 Standard Scenes:
Dining, Entertainment, Good Night, Good Morning, Pathway Lighting, Landscape, Exterior, All On, All Off, Security, etc. In our standard system
 packaging, we include one of these
 credit card size Remote Six Button
for each of your in-wall
 6-button controllers. It utilizes Infrared
 which allows you to sit in your easy
 chair in the living room, point it at your
 In-Wall 6-button controller, and
 command any of your lighting scenes. You can also control your lighting scenes from any of the touch screens. We install this Security/Automation system in 95% of our custom homes
and integrate it with the lighting control system of your choice.

 Click here for a Demo

We sell and install this system in 12-load increments starting at 24 Loads. As the need for additional loads increases, so does the size of our controllers and other required electronic equipment. We install 24, 36, 48, and 60 load systems.

Example: If you switch a light switch to the “On” position and turn on several lights at one time, that would mean the lights have been “daisy chained” by the Electrician. That would be considered just one light load. In this type of system, your Electrician would wire the house in the standard way.

Contact us for a hands-on Demonstration at our Show Home.

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