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 American Industries Corp.  is an Authorized Dealer for Intellinet Controls™. The most important capability of the Intellinet RS-1000™ 6-zone system is that it can be integrated with our GafikTouch™ touch screen control system.  The computers talk to each other delivering overwhelmingly the finest package available.  The RS- 1000 uses an RS-485 network designed for low cost, high immunity to noise, lightning protection, and fast interactive response.

The main configuration can be done off-site, and any adjustments made live on-site.  And because the RS-1000 is software driven, future devices can be incorporated into the network with little or no additional wiring.  The RS-1000 is based around the patented Control2™ Processor, a robust multi-tasking computer that manages all network devices and stores all configuration information.

The Control2™ is configured with point-and-click ease using the Intellinet Configuration CD, a PC, and a standard Web browser.  Except for source IR codes, the RS-1000 is fully configured with sensible factory defaults, and will work right out of the box.


The Audio Matrix is a six-zone/six-source preamplifier controlled by the Control2 Processor.  Premium audio circuitry and isolation from the network result in superb sound quality.  The Audio Matrix integrates with paging systems and includes 22 assignable doorbell chimes.

The patented Network Hub distributes network data and provides power to the network devices.  Each Hub has its own power supply.  Every network device, including the Audio Matrix has a load value.  A single network hub can power any combination of devices totaling 15 load points.  Hubs can be daisy chained or home run to the Control2™ to extend the network.  The fully configurable audio keypads feature lighted buttons, an ultra-slim mounting profile, and an available IR Receiver. Base and treble can be adjusted directly at a room’s keypad while you listen.

The patented MagicPad™ is a configurable six-button control panel with backlit LCD buttons.  It provides access to advance features (such as schedules) and includes a built-in IR receiver.  A single MagicPad™ is often used in combination with five audio keypads in a typical six-zone installation.

The configurable IR Remote offers fast access to advanced component controls and pre-configured macros.  Because all of the brains of the RS-1000 reside Control2™, the IR Remote never gets out of sync with the equipment it controls.

RS-1000™Six-Zone System includes:
Control 2™ Processor
Audio Matrix Amplifier
Network Hub
6 IR capable Keypads
6IR Emitters for Source control
2 IR Remote Controls
3 Wall 15v Power Supplies 6 Pair Quality Ceiling Mounted Speakers or select from other quality speakers we have available.

Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

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