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 Touch Screen Control 

American Industries Corp. is a Licensed Contractor that sells and installs various Security and Low-Voltage technologies in Hawaii. We DO NOT sell over the Internet.


Pictured here is the   screen.
It is part of our HAI Security/ Automation package, which includes one screen.  Some of our clients like the full control this screen provides enough to install several around their homes.  These locations typically include the master bedroom, kitchen, office, and entertainment area.  There are eight large icon buttons on the main screen allowing direct control of security, individual lights, lighting scenes, air conditioning control, and multi-source, multi-zone stereo.  It is a 5.7" screen.
  Click HERE for a DEMO

Pictured here is the
touch screen. It offers the exact same control of the OmniTouch screen, however as you see, this one provides video of security cameras around the home. This touch screen is also the 5.7" size.
Click HERE for a DEMO

This touch screen is manufactured by . It comes in a desktop version seen here and an in-wall mounted version. Both can control individual lights as well as lighting scenes when a home owner has installed UPB lights switches.

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