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 Whole-House Structured Wiring                             

·        HBO, DVD movies watched on any TV in your home

·        High speed Internet port in each room

·        Whole-House Stereo in each room with individual volume control

·        Multiple telephones service delivered to each room

·        Internal and external cameras monitored on any TV in your home

·        Front door intercom with any telephone in your home

Today's electronic equipment and services are vastly different from those offered ten years ago. With the introduction of home offices, computers, home theaters, digital satellite dishes, the Internet, the World Wide Web and similar types of equipment and services, the "typical" wiring in a home has become over loaded and out dated.  The FutureSmart™ Home Network, utilizing Structured Wiring, is the perfect way to control and share information from these types of electronics and services as well as providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Home Network will accommodate future technologies and services.


The FutureSmart™ Distribution Panel is the perfect way to manage and control which rooms in your home receive which signals.  Incoming signals from the TV or Telephone Company are routed to the Distribution Panel and connected at the Service Input Hub.  The wiring from each receptacle in the house is routed back to the Distribution Panel and connected to one of the rows in the Patch Area. The row is then labeled to identify from which room the cable originated.  Homeowners can then control which signals (TV, Cable TV, telephone, fax, etc.) go to which room by simply using a patch cord to connect the incoming signal to the desired room.

Because the Home Network will FutureProof your home with  Fiber Optic Cable , you'll be ready for almost any technology coming your way.

 Home Office                                                                                    

 American Industries Corp.  offers a convenient and simple solution for those wanting to connect multiple computers and printers.  With a Cable Modem and Web Safe Internet Router or Ethernet Hub, computers from several different rooms are linked together so they can share information, play games, or access each other’s hardware (CD-rom drive, DVD drives etc.).  High-speed Internet access will now be available in multiple rooms.  The modem, router, and/or Ethernet Hub mount directly into the Home Network Distribution Panel.  Connecting a new computer to the network, or changing the location of existing computers is as simple as changing a patch cord.

 Computer Networking

We install a web safe router that provides these features and benefits:

  • Protects against hackers gaining access to your computers
  • Provides your own LAN network; computers, printers, faxes communicate
  • Provides high-speed Internet on four computers at same time
  • Parents have full control over sites children surf


Wouldn't you love to use the stereo receiver, CD player and tuner from your current stereo system or home theater to create whole house sound?  How about watching DVD movies or cable TV on any TV in your home.  With our FutureSmart Networks, you can.  Listed below are two of our most popular entertainment additions to the FutureSmart Home Network System.

  Whole-House Stereo

If you want background music in your kitchen, entryway, office, or any other location in your home, there's no easier way to do it than with the FutureSmart Audio Distribution Hub/Module. The Audio Distribution Hub/Module mounts directly into any FutureSmart Home Network and provides stereo sound to 8 locations or mono sound to 16 locations. The Audio Distribution Hub/Module uses your existing stereo receiver, CD and tuner, which mean you don't have to buy extra equipment. 

If you want each individual room to be able to select different sources of audio at the same time, we can do that to.

 Intercom, Paging and Digital Telephones

The FutureSmart™ Key System Unit (KSU) Hub offers homeowners features such as intercom, paging, internal conference calling, and Multi-line telephones.  The KSU Hub provides three lines to ten locations, has two dedicated data extensions, includes caller ID and accepts both FutureSmart Networks digital Multi-line phones and standard phones (including cordless phones).  The FutureSmart Multi-line digital phone includes a large display window which provides information such as time, date, Caller ID, which telephone lines are in use, which extension you are paging (or being paged from), and the length of your call.  In addition, when you place a caller on hold, the KSU hub provides music for them to listen too.  A great companion to the digital Multi-line phone is the front door station.  This device mounts at the front door or gate and allows business or homeowners to communicate with their visitors.


 Triple Modulator Hub

The triple modulator hub is used for creating in-home television channels that can be viewed from any TV in the house.  Signals from three different audio/video sources (per modulator) such as TV’s, VCRs, DVDs, or satellite TV, laser disk players and surveillance cameras can be identified and displayed by any TV.  Also includes Isolation Amp so no video signals in your home are transmitted out into the neighborhood.


Would you like to be able to keep an eye on your children playing in the backyard or upstairs in their room on any television in your home?  That would mean you could remain in your kitchen or sewing room yet keep tabs on them every minute.  Of course this capability would come in handy when caring for an elderly person in your home.

When someone comes to your front door and presses your front door intercom button, you would be able to see who is there on any television in your home.  At night you would have the ability to look outside should any strange sounds occur.


You could record any movement in your home while away and even have the ability to look into your home from anywhere in the world with our PhoneHub™ remote video surveillance option.  See the detailed section on the PhoneHub™ Remote Video Surveillance system in this document or on our website at:

Our  System Design Consultant  can provide you with a  "hands-on" demonstration   at your home or business.

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